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Covid: It's Been a Year...


This exhibit contains items that reflect on life during the March 2020-March 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic.  Items may be photographs, artwork, poems, essays, and video that captures what life has been like for the person who submitted the piece.

From the Community

Lindsay's _Quarantine Blog_.jpg

This exhibit is made up of items that were submitted by the community directly to this website and for this project.  Where the "Stories" exhibit is specifically asking patrons to react to the library being closed, this exhibit will showcase the good, bad, and indifferent ways Covid-19 has impacted us.  Don't forget to include the silly, happy, and surprising ocurrences you encountered along the way.

Stories From Our Patrons: the library is closed.

Mary-Ellen Adams.jpg

The Bangor Public Library distributed a form to our patrons by including it with their library books, asking them to provide us with a short written account of how the library being closed has effected them.  These are those stories.  

The Bangor Anti-Tuberculosis Association: they didn't wait, they acted

History of the Bangor Brewer Tuberculosis and Health Association.pdf

The Bangor Anti-Tuberculosis Association was incorporated in June, 1909 to fight this invisible enemy.  This organization led the way in community support, resources, and care for not only this contagion but reorganized as time passed to address current community health issues and crises as they arose.  Even though they disbanded as a nonprofit corporation in 1998, funds are maintained at the Maine Community Foundation as a funding source for current and ongoing community health issues.

The Pandemic Postcard Project

Postcard -postcard exhibit.jpg

Calling all artists, all ages! Spread the word!  Be part of a community conversation! Share your ideas! 

And be sure to share the information about this project with friends and relatives. We hope to have a large number of postcards to display from all over the state, nation, and world!  

The postcards will be part of a time capsule, reflecting ideas and opinions about our experiences during this unique time. The Library will exhibit the postcards on our website and host a live exhibit when possible.

Visit our website for more information about this project.