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Covid-19 Teenagers; Is the cure worse than the disease
As I sit here it's been a year since Covid started, and to many of our surprise nothing has
changed. When Covid started it was just something you’d see on Instagram that the sickness
had moved from China to other countries, then to our country, and it still seemed that it was still
pretty far away from us. So everyone thought it would just pass over, and we wouldn’t have to
worry about it. I distinctly remember my friends and me one night laughing about how it would
never get here and affect us. Then all of a sudden we’re getting kicked out of school for 2
weeks,or so we thought.
When we learned that we wouldn't be going back to school it broke almost everyone's hearts,
mostly the Juniors and Seniors because we knew we didn't have much time left in Highschool
as it is. Fast forward to Senior year after our very long summer break was over, and the school
came up with what they thought was a great idea by having half the alphabet go one day and
the other the next. 95% of the school got separated from the people they wanted to be with.
Especially me. I was so excited to have a Senior year with all my friends and my girlfriend, but
neither of them even go to school the same day I do.
Covid has made everyone lose precious time out of their lives, in school and by not getting to
see family. I can’t believe a sickness like Covid has been portrayed as this serious, and even
after all the information about it has been leaked out; nothing has changed. Why are we still
being locked down and controlled over a sickness with a 98% recovery rate? But it seems that
what I just said doesn’t mean anything. I think Covid is a type of the flu that we've been dealing
with for decades, and we don't get shut down during flu season though right? So why is covid
any different than the flu that we’ve been accustomed to our whole lives,s ame symptoms and
everything, yet it’s too dangerous? Is the cure worse than the disease? For the old people its
serious but for all of the kids who have a 1% chance of dying from covid so why are our lives
being put on hold if it doesn't even affect us?